Colombian Food is Not Mexican Food: Uncover Colombia

When it comes to Latin American cuisine, Mexican food and authentic Colombian food may seem very similar. However, there are many differences between the two! In this blog post, we will be going over the main differences in ingredients as well as the traditional dishes that make each country’s cuisine unique.

Colombian food is not spicy like Mexican food

One of the main differences between delicious Colombian food and Mexican cuisine is that Colombian dishes are not spicy. In fact, Colombian restaurants usually don’t use spices when they cook! However, it may be surprising to many people because both countries have a large amount of delicious chili peppers in their traditional recipes.

The reason for this difference lies in history: Colombians are descendants of Colombian Europeans, who were heavily influenced by their Spanish culture. On the other hand, Mexicans have a history that is very intertwined with indigenous cultures and Mesoamerican civilizations such as the Aztecs. Because of this cultural difference, some spices used in Mexican cuisine can be bit spicy for Colombians! Therefore, Colombians have many tasty foods without resorting on spicy food.


Colombians eat rice and beans, whereas Mexicans eat tortillas and refried beans

Colombian good food is typically considered to be one of the world’s most diverse in terms of ingredients, but because almost every region in Colombia has their own signature dishes, it would be difficult to make any generalizations about what the best Colombian food looks like. But there are some staples that you can count on to find in pretty much every home in the country. Some include rice and beans, typical for lunch or dinner. Another favorite which is available just about anywhere are arepas- a kind of flatbread made from ground corn dough that is then stuffed with all sorts of delicious fillings- usually filled with cheese or shredded meat.

On the other hand, Mexican delicious food is mostly considered to be one of the most popular types of food in Latin America and all over the world. Any Mexican dish is based on corn (basically tortillas), beans, chilies and other vegetables that are used as spices for cooking meats such as beef or chicken. Mexican food is so famous and popular around the world because of its tasty ingredients, colorful presentation, and low prices.


Typical Colombian food has more seafood than Mexican cuisine does

Colombian food is typically known for having a large amount of seafood and fish dishes, especially in the coastal regions. At the pacific region we can find a bast variety of seafood that has been used on multiple dishes in Colombian culture. Many of the most important dishes in Colombia are made with seafood, which is an important aspect of Colombian food culture.

Mexican cuisine doesn’t typically focus on the use of seafood as much as Colombians do; however Mexican coastal regions may have some influences of Colombian cuisine on their dishes. In Mexico, seafood is more common in the southern regions of the country where there are a lot of beaches and Caribbean Islands nearby.


Tacos are a popular staple in Mexican cuisine, but they are not eaten as much by Colombians

People in Mexico eat tacos daily whereas Colombians don’t have it as much. To be fair, no typical Colombian dish has tortillas, but it is very common in Mexico. Tortillas are an integral part of Mexican cuisine, having been used for centuries in many ways. One way that Mexicans use their tortilla though is as a wrap or sandwich bread with fillings such like refried beans and murphy fried eggs among other things! Colombians don’t have this same affinity towards the flatbread; however, instead we rely more heavily on rice dishes which can be served at any mealtime depending upon preference- whether breakfast, lunch dinner, or even dessert!

Colombian cuisine tends to fry much more of its foods compared to Mexican food

Colombian cuisine has a history of frying many foods. The most popular Colombian dish, buñuelo, is a fried dough wrapped around cheese, amazing food! This delicious combination can be ordered at many Colombian restaurants or food truck throughout the country – but it’s not just them that fry up some mean Latin provisions: Mexicans also enjoy their chimichangas (chicken burritos) covered in crispy lettuce leaves smothered wildly with fragrant salsas such as avocado crema ranch dressing.

Colombian cuisine is more likely to use fried food than Mexican. On the coast of Colombia, vegetables, sweet plantains, and fish are usually cooked in animal fat or oil while potatoes often go into a hot pan for frying with butter as well. In contrast Mexicans tend not only have their meats seasoned before cooking but also consume large amounts of raw onion that can be added at any time during preparation making it hard for them not to sprinkle some on your tacos!

How to find Colombian food near me?

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When you think of Colombian food, what comes to mind? If your answer is tacos and burritos like they serve at Mexican restaurants in the United States (or if you’ve seen them on TV), then we need to talk. Colombians don’t eat that kind of food! You can find many similarities between Colombian cuisine and traditional Mexican fare such as rice and beans, but there are some key differences too. Most importantly though, Colombians use ingredients like avocado while Mexicans often go for cheese or meat products. This means a typical Colombian dish might have more seafood than one from Mexico. Finally, it’s worth noting that tacos are not nearly as popular in Colombia so be sure to ask about their availability before ordering.

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