What is a typical Colombian lunch?

When you’re looking for a delicious lunch, look no further than the Colombian restaurants from Rancheritos de Boca. We offer authentic Colombian food in Miami. Our expert chefs prepare great food with the freshest ingredients and traditional family recipes to create a one-of-a-kind dining experience. Whether it’s a quick bite on your way home from work or an elaborate dinner party with friends and family, we have something for everyone at our restaurant!

We offer plenty of options when it comes to the best Colombian great food. You can choose from our extensive list of appetizers like arepa de chocolo, morcilla, or chicharrones. Ever wonder what it is like to eat delicious Colombian food as lunch? Here’s a little bit about a traditional lunch you can bring back home with you:


How to identify an authentic Colombian restaurant

Colombia is a country rich in culinary diversity that stands out from every region. The variety of the Colombian amazing food and their quantity will have you hooked to them before even trying! You can find anything your heart desires when it comes down to lunch because this Latin American nation offers an array of flavors, textures, colors – everything imaginable really! One would say there’s something just mouthwatering about these entrees…

The best Colombian restaurants must include beans, rice, plantains, and meat as their principal ingredients. At Rancheritos de Boca we offer a Colombian menu that puts this abundance of flavors to good food. In our restaurant, you can enjoy the famous Bandeja Paisa! This is a dish that consists of top round steak, sweet plantains, Colombian sausage, fried pork belly, optional “corn cake” and a fried egg. You can also enjoy a delicious Cazuela Montañera which is a Colombian bean casserole with beef, pork belly Colombian sausage (chorizo), sweet corn, yellow plantains, and potatoes.

It may sound like nothing special, but the flavors together will make your taste buds burst with tasty food!


There are many different types of meats that can be served at a typical Colombian lunch

In typical Colombian food variety of meats are commonly served including, beef, chicken, pork, and fish. The rice is always white with peas mixed in. All the food is typically served together on the table with two sauces: Aji for dipping or meat, and Ají de Maní (ground peanuts cooked in oil) which is our favorite because it’s so spicy!


Lunch starts with soup as the first course

The Colombian soup before lunch is a delicious tradition that has been passed down for generations. Generations of families in Colombia enjoy this dish, made by grandmas or mothers, and loved ones who prepare them not only with Colombian food but also feel as well!

The phrase “soup = love,” might sound like something straight out of an old movie plotline—but it’s true: For many people across Latin America (and beyond), soups symbolize both sustenance and sentimentality; they represent home cooking at its most heartwarming…even if you don’t eat from the same pot every day.

The soup in Colombian food culture is a meal that brings together the family. It’s not just something you eat to fill your stomach; it is a dish that means so much more than food alone. Soup can be made from any type of ingredient and each household has its recipes passed down through generations.


The food can be served family-style on a single plate with an individual bowl for each dish

The best way to enjoy Colombian cuisine is being served on a single plate and sharing with others. Each food is served in individual bowls for each person to enjoy. This way you can try different flavors without worrying about leftovers because the serving sizes are very generous, and everyone will have something they love on their plate!

The Colombian family meal can be a social event. Families come together to share each other’s company and eat the food. The Colombian food can be served in individual bowls for everyone to grab with their hands. It is not considered improper to use utensils in most Latin American cultures when eating, but it is also strange for people to not eat with their hands when they are offered food in this way.



Home cooked food is what defines an authentic Colombian restaurant

You will know that a restaurant is authentic by the taste of the food because it will have beans, rice, plantains, and meat as its ingredients. Colombia has many different regions that all have their specialties so you must be careful but one of the most important facts is to feel the home-cooked flavor.
Colombian food is made with love and that is why we can assure you that you will not regret trying our delicious Colombian lunch!



How to find a Colombian lunch near me?

Rancheritos Latin food has been open for over twelve years and has been one of the best Colombian restaurants in Florida, which means you can get a variety of different incredible dishes from traditional Colombian cuisine. From Latin food to Latin culture and more; this family-owned authentic Latin flavor restaurant offers amazing service as well! We serve all regions in our place but not only is it just about good cuisine–we also provide an experience with fantastic servers who will go out their way (and beyond) so that your dining here was perfect, a great atmosphere for any family gathering!!

The bright colors and heartwarming music will greet you as soon as you walk into Rancheritos Colombian restaurants. There are pictures on every wall that represent not only moments shared by family members but also many favorite dishes found on the menu! From ajiaco (a traditional dish made out with chicken soup), empanadas filled with meat; we have something for everyone to enjoy at our Colombian restaurant. Come dine here today where “Cozying up” is just part of enjoying life’s simplest things like good food prepared from scratch each day using fresh ingredients all topped off by liveliness provided naturally through Colombia’s rich culture & traditions.

When you’re looking to find a Colombian lunch, it can be tricky. However, we know we are the best Colombian restaurants in Florida! Our team is made up of hardworking and passionate people who love food so much they decided to open their restaurant serving traditional dishes from Colombia. We invite you to stop by for lunch today and share your experience with us on social media!!