Colombian Food: What Makes Colombian Breakfast Different?

Colombian food is a delicious type of food that has been increasing in popularity lately. Colombian breakfast might just be the most traditional Colombian dish, and it’s one of the tastiest Colombian dishes to try! Colombian food is popular all over Latin America, but Colombian restaurants are especially popular in states with a lot of Latin influence like Florida. If you want to know what makes Colombian breakfast different than other breakfasts around the world, keep reading!


Why is Colombian breakfast so important?

One of the most important meals is breakfast, as it gives you that morning energy for starting your day right. Colombian cuisine offers a range of delicious options to make this moment in life special and enjoyable.

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day for many Colombians. Many people have to wake up early and work, so they need food that provides them with energy levels high enough so as not to be necessarily lumbering throughout their jobs every morning. Breakfasts also serve a cultural purpose: families gather to show love towards each other while sharing this time-honored tradition that has been passed down through generations. Colombian typical breakfast is a Colombian custom that has been around for as long as Colombian food itself, and it’s something you should try.

Why breakfast is different in Colombian culture?

If you are looking to try Colombian food, the Colombian breakfast might be one of your best options. The traditional Colombian breakfast is different from what we know as breakfast, Colombian food is usually a little heavier and tends to be more filling. Traditional Colombian breakfast usually includes Colombian arepas, Colombian coffee, or hot chocolate, different types of eggs, and tropical fruits.

Don’t worry if after eating a delicious Colombian hearty breakfast you don’t feel hungry for a while, it’s normal! And the truth is that this meal aims to provide as much energy and nourishment, so your body has enough fuel throughout the day.

Colombian breakfast varies from region to region

Colombian popular breakfast varies from region to region. Colombian food is a big part of their culture and regions in Colombia have different recipes that make up Colombian food. The most traditional Colombian breakfasts include hot chocolate, fresh or dry white cheese (queso fresco), fried egg, fried plantain slices (patacones), arepas (they can be arepa de huevo, arepa paisa, or arepa boyacense), and some chocolate or hot coffee. Even though these ingredients are common in the majority of the country, there are some differences between regions.

For example, the Colombian arepa de huevo is different from other Colombian arepas, this Colombian dish is prepared with a fried egg inside, very different from the other arepas in the country. Colombian food is very delicious and Colombian breakfast will be an experience you won’t forget.


Where can you find a Colombian restaurant in Miami?

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